Alba Check-In

Please let me know that you have received your puzzle piece and if you have any questions…just post a comment below. Let’s start having some fun! We are relying on the Account department to check you in.

Put the filename of your puzzle port in your post so we can make sure that you have the correct piece. This is all manually done and some times we are all paws!

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Jon, Puzzle piece is B5C10, In the Bacarak Puzzle Group. Thanks, working on it!


Jon, I got the puzzle piece. I will paint it today and send today later. R7C2. Thank you!


My puzzle piece is R1C5. I have sent my puzzle piece. Thank you!


I received my puzzle piece. Puzzle Alba R7C7.jpg
I am trying to download from my phone this morning, have had a little trouble with image using my laptop. I am sorry for the delay ! I am excited about the Puzzle and will submit my painting asap. Thank you Jon for making all of this happen. Fun Fun Fun !


Received puzzle piece. Filename Puzzle A R3C3


Hi Jon, I had some trouble signing in but I’m not sure why. I had to change my password 3 times. I was about to give up, but I thought I’d try one last thing. I turned off my ‘auto-fill password’ on my iPad and that seems to have worked! If I can’t get in again, I’ll have to have some help. I had a free month one time and I used to have a WordPress website with another email. There may have been some conflict with one of these two things. I don’t know. Anyway, glad to be here!… Read more »


Hello Jon !!!!!
Apologies for the delay !
My puzzle piece is – Puzzle Alba R2C0.jpg


I received my puzzle piece. Puzzle Alba R5C5.jpg


Hi Jon just saw the puzzle piece
Alba ROC2
Thankyou so much.
Will do it as soon as possible


Hi Jon my puzzle piece is R7C0.jpeg

LouAnn O

Hi Jon, My puzzle piece is:


My piece is R2C3


I have received my puzzle piece…R5C4

Donna Po

My piece is R3C0.jpg Alba


A correction to my previous comment.
“: a space for entry of latest/newest comments first so comments can BE QUICKLY ENTERED without scrolling down.”
As always, just my thoughts, I could be wrong.


It was not intuitive as to how to get to the comment section once I created my account and entered the portal I had to go back & forth from Alba to Villages several times before I figured out one needed to scroll to the bottom to enter the puzzle piece info. The comments are in the reverse order I would have expected: a space for entry of latest/newest comment first so comments can quickly be without scrolling down. Just my thoughts- I could be wrong. C


Jon. A quick question. I printed out the small image (correct size) the larger image and have it on my ipad. I can actually deduce what I am painting so the colours I am seeing over the three images look a bit green. I have painted it and can fix the colours if they are incorrect. Will you be reviewing them to see if we nailed the colours. I am a bit concerned that I won’t match the colours in the pieces around me. It will be obvious because objects are split between me and the person next to me.… Read more »


Crisscross, Don’t worry about trying to match a piece next to yours. You want to paint the colors that you see and I can so some color correcting when I put the puzzle together. Remember, that you are working on a 3″ x 2.25″ piece of the puzzle. You are 1/64 of the entire painting and once it is all put together, the magic will happen. My hope is that everyone tries to match the colors that they see in the piece that I gave them and not go crazy with a totally different color like a bright pink! It… Read more »


Excellent. I was hoping you would say that. 😂. I will call it done then


I received puzzle piece:
Puzzle Alba R7C3.jpg

Thank you for including me in this exciting and very clever project. I’m really happy to be a part of this.
Cacia 🧩+🎨= 🎉


Hi Jon. My piece is Puzzle Alba R4C5.jpg
Sorry I forgot earlier.

Lynn Mehal

Forgot to include my puzzle piece number. It is R6C7.

Dawn Conklin

I received my puzzle piece #R2C4. This is so exciting! Thanks!


I forgot my puzzle number.
Puzzle Alba R6C3.jpg


Got my puzzle piece Whooot ! File number R3C5.jpg
Its blurry. Do I paint it blurry? What is bleed?
I’m sure you’ll let us know..


Received my puzzle piece, thank you
Puzzle Alba R4C4.jpg


Hi, Patty Torres is checking in. My puzzle piece is R0C1.



I received my puzzle piece – Puzzle Alba R1C4.jpg. Thank you. When i have the piece finished – where do I send it?


Checking in received my piece thank you for including me. Good luck to everyone.


My puzzle piece is Puzzle Alba R2C5


Checking in again. Forgot to include my puzzle piece designation… R4C2. Thanks Jon.

XOXO Sandi P


Checking in … SherrellR

Okie Omi

I received my puzzle piece. So excited about getting started!

Okie Omi

Puzzle A R2C1.jpg is my puzzle piece.

Heather Owen

Sorry – I didn’t see a due date. Did I miss it? Could you please post the due date on the main page or somewhere obvious? Thank you

Heather Owen

I received R1C6

Heather Owen

Hi Jon, I have my piece and I’m excited to paint it!!


Hi, Jon
I finally got the the registration completed. Kept getting error message but I just kept starting over and finally it accepted my info. My Puzzle filename is: Puzzle Alba R4C0.jpg.

My photo is very pixelated. I may need to see a clearer photo to understand how it should look as a finished piece. I am excited to complete my puzzle piece and get it back to you. Does “bleed the edges” mean to take the paint past the Edges of the 10×7.66 canvas?
Thank you, Cynthia


Hi, Jon,
I have my puzzle piece finished but am a wee bit concerned about the colors I am seeing. I sure hope I have a good piece for you to use. Just waiting on how to take the photo and get it to you.

Thanks, Cynthia


ChrisM checking in. Puzzle piece received. My piece is quite blurry as well.

You mentioned that I should bleed the edges. Not sure what you mean by that. On the actual painting or the photo I take of it. I have lines that obviously continue to other pieces so I am guessing they will need to be clean.

Ref R5C3


Lynn Mehal

I got my piece Jon, thanks


I forgot to add this in my comment. So I have received my puzzle piece and it is puzzle Alba R4C6.jpg. I will use an 8x 10 canvas. So excited!!!


So excited to be part of this fun event! I received my email with attached picture this morning. My filename is Puzzle Alba R3C6.jpg Is it supposed to look like a very soft focus? I’ve got to go back and look at the video that Ginger did for this but I was thinking the photo she was working from looked like it was not as soft. But that’s been a few days, so I may have just forgotten. Also, could you explain “bleed the edges” a bit, I’m not real clear on what I’m supposed to do in that regard… Read more »


Checking in. Received puzzle piece Puzzle Alba R5C0.jpg

Sandra Marshall

I have received Alba puzzle piece R4C3
I have my 8×10 canvas ready to go and watched Ginger’s video on the Tech Bear to get the right colours to use.
Good luck everyone.

Elizabeth Tunng

I received my puzzle piece…R5C6. I actually do know what “bleed the edges” means.
I don’t know how to translate 10×7.667 into actually painting it on an 8 x 10 canvas. My picture is fuzzy…Can we get a higher resolution image of our puzzle piece so that it’s not all pixelated? Sorry if this causes a problem. I know you have your hands full with all this.

Paula C

Just finished mine!

Paula C

My piece is Alba R6C4 .


File name : puzzle alba R2C2.lpg

Received. Stupid question… . This piece is done in landscape position?

10″ wide 7.667″ height?



Thank you for sending me your puzzle piece number and Ellie has you checked in!

Yes, the pieces are in landscape mode, but does it really matter?

We are suggesting that you paint it that size, but your actual piece is really only 3×2 inches.

Have fun!


What does “bleed the edges” mean?
My puzzle piece is Puzzle Alba R1C3.jpg



Thanks for sending your puzzle number and Ellie as checked you in!

You can think of “bleeding the edges” as painting outside the lines. You want to continue to paint a little bit past the “final” image size. Does this make sense?


I have watched you videos and read all these comments….helped a lot. I think I am ready to start painting!


Hi Everyone!
I am excited about this and looking forward to the completed puzzle of our village. Have fun!


Great and Ellie has you checked in.

Can you verify that you have received puzzle piece Puzzle A R4C5.jpg?



Phew, I think I’ve got it 🙂
File – Alba R5C7

Registering wasn’t super easy, but I think I’ve got it. Creating a Registration kept giving me errors, i.e. wouldn’t take my password, but I persisted! Thanks for you time. Barb (Haven)



Sorry for the registration process, but I have worked on it and I think that it’s a little better now. Thanks for the feedback.

Ellie has checked you in and you are all set!

Kathy Evans

So we are going to have a mix of whatever style from each artist right? Some realistic, some looser, etc? Is there a style we should try to follow? Also, this website is hard to navigate and find anything. I had a heck of a time finding my post to see if there was a reply.
Can we get a higher resolution image of our puzzle piece so that it’s not all pixelated?
Thank you


I am hoping that participants will paint what they say. The image is impressionistic towards realism. I do not have a better image. Remember, you are part of the puzzle is only 3×2 inches.

Just follow what you see and do your best. This is a non-scientific experiment.

Once I get a chance to work with the website more, it should be easier, but most of the information will be found in the Village of Alba. If you just keep this link handy, it will lead you to the conversations that are going on.

Thanks for your input.

Lillie Ruby

I got my piece. AlbaR4C1.jpg
It’s going to be a challenge, but I’m excited!


Thank you, Lillie, you are checked in with Ellie.


Also…. there are a few errors in the text of your message
perhaps you could mention whether the piece should be portrait or horizontal as that might help when putting it together???
the program doesn’t want to save my password.


Does the origination really make a difference? Just curious about that. But to let you know, all of the pieces are in landscape or horizontal orientation.

Also, the website will not remember your password, but your browser should be able to do that.


Yes I too found a few syntactical errors in some of the messages but nothing that prevented comprehension after I read the section a couple times. I also had to make a few passes at creating my account in the Portal. But then that’s why there’s a Beta test group. 😄