Image Quality Explained

There are a lot of questions about the quality of the image of the puzzle that we are giving the Villagers.

Here’s a little video that will explain a little bit more about this very issue. Just so you know, I am giving the best possible image that I can find and enhance.

Remember, you may “pass” on doing this puzzle and sign back up if you would like to try another one at a later date.

Bottom line…have FUN and don’t STRESS over this!

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Good morning. Just an FYI…finally figured out how to view the puzzle piece on the iPad so I could see the colors better. All I had to do was turn on the accessibility feature (you’d think I would know that after working with the visually impaired for 30 years).


Jon thank you for your pixal/quality video .. good work .. I had a question more about the colour content .. when I watched Gingers painting of a grey area (light and darker grey) and it was painted green/black shades .. Do I therefore paint my grey area green/black shade ??? if so will it match up with the neighbour’s piece who may not have watched the tech bear vid. BTW love her pieces vid.
I guess this may iron out some future issues .. we could always revamp it and resend if too different .. lol


Scope, this is part of the fun! Ginger gave an idea of the overall color of the original painting. Do you have to match her colors exactly? No, that would be very hard to do. I believe that once we start getting all of the pieces back, there will be variants in the colors that everyone has done, but that, to me, will be part of the charm of the final image. I think that if everyone does their best and gets close to the colors they see on their piece, it will be fine. I would hope that if… Read more »


Your video explains it well. We paint this on an 8 x 10 canvas horizontally. The “bleeding” edge will be on the short side because the size you need is actually 7.667″ (not 8″) so the adjustment will be made there. View the piece you sent us on our phone so that the pix-elation is reduced and the photo is clearer( but you can paint it from a bigger version). When finished, snap a high resolution photo (my cell phone takes great photos), crop it with at least 1/4″ border left on all sides and email it to you with… Read more »


Jon thank you for that explanation. I still am not sure what size do I actually paint my piece on? Just shy of: 4×6 + bleed? 5×7 + bleed? 3×2 + bleed? In other words, what size canvas should I take out and begin to apply paint to?
Thank you ☺️ Cacia


Is the canvas horizontal or vertical when we paint it?