Puzzle Assembly of the Village of Alba’s Project

“Job Lot Cheap”

This was the first puzzle project and it was a learning experience. We have recorded the entire process of what it takes to put the pieces together to end up with a completed puzzle. We hope that all members will watch some of these videos so we can do more of these projects because they seem like a lot of fun for all involved.

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Lynn Mehal

Hello all. I am a bit unhappy. I received my Alba mug today, and it looks child-size. The writing is microscopic. I hope when my name comes up for the next puzzle (can’t wait) the size of the mugs will be adjusted.


Hey Jon. Could you post a photo of the original painting in each group for comparison?


Not at all Jon. I love Ginger, but she’s wrong 🤫. I’m in Bacarack and I was watching out of interest but it will help me in completing my piece. I watching part 8 as I type.


I’m only on the 3rd video, but this is so fascinating! Thanks for recording the process Jon!