Send Us a Photo of Your Painting

Use this form to send us a photograph of your fantastic painting! Please remember that we want a good “squared up” photo with some breathing room around the edges. We want the highest resolution that you can send. You may be asked to send it again with further helpful suggestions is the Stuffy Staff has any issues, so please be kind.

Update June 2, 2020:

I am working on a new method to send me the puzzle piece photos and will have it ready very soon. The new method will be through a Google Form and will be able to accept images up to 100MB.

Stay tuned for the new form!

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Jon, I do not see my name on the Bacarak puzzle. The pieces are B4C2 and BC65.

  1. Jon, I sent you my puzzle piece did you get it? (B3C3)
  2. Judy Gerst

Thanks Jon this is so fun!