What if there are more than 64 sign-ups?

Great question! Well, we have more masterpieces to “cut up” and do Puzzle “B” and “C”…we will do as many as we have people and then we will create a “Reserve Team” until we have enough sign ups.

What is the final size of the painting that I am helping to build?

When we are done with the puzzle, Ginger will be painting an 18×24 tutorial that will be available for our Senior Academy members. https://www.GingerCookLive.gallery

What size does my painting have to be?

We have made the parts proportional to an 8×10 size canvas. The actual size of each piece is 3×2.3 inches. This is not directly proportional to an 8×10, but it’s close enough. The 8 inch is really 7.667 inches. The actual size will be with the puzzle piece you get in the email.

How big of a photo of my painting do I need to send when I am done?

Really, the larger the better because we would like to put the parts together and be able to have great quality for printing and/or a t-shirt. Please ask the Tech Bear for assistance if you have problems. Also, the Tech Bear may ask you to reshoot if he doesn’t like what you sent, but he will work with you to make it happen.

The Tech Bears Email Address: techbearservice@gmail.com

Be sure to add this email address to your Contacts or remember it so you can search for any emails that he may send. Lots of times his emails end up in the spam/junk folder.

How will you know if I got my piece of the puzzle?

Once you receive an email from the Tech Bear, please just do a quick reply and say “I got it!” or if you have any questions that would be a good time to ask them. If we do not hear back from you in a timely fashion, we may give your piece to another person. So, please REPLY!