Village of Alba

We have a Community of artists that want to create a masterpiece as a joint project.

Village Members

Angelia L
Anne H
Annette K
Barb A
Barbara T
Barbara H
Becky S
Brenda R
Cacia M
Carrie G
Cathy O
Celia F
Chris M
Cynthia T
Dawn C
Debbie J
Deborah M
Debra C
Devona H
Elizabeth C
Elizabeth T
Frances K
Giovanna A
Heather O
Holly R
Jackie P
Joyce M
Judi G
Judy B
Kathy E
Kathy P
Kim C
Kim O

Lally G
Laurie B
Lillie R
Linda B
Linda H
Loretta K
LouAnn O
Lynn M
Marsha M
Marty L
Michelle H
Mona L
Nancy K
Nina C
Nives C
Pamela M
Patricia S
Patty T
Paula C
Rebecca H
Ruth C
Sal C
Sandi P
Sandra M
Sherrell R
Sherry R
Shirley M
Susie K
SuZan Z
Teent H
Tina K
Tonia S
yochi b
Zoe G

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Got my puzzle piece # AR6C5


I have sent in my puzzle piece… R1C7 . I had to scan it rather than photo. File name: Alba R1C7 – ShirleyM


I just submitted my piece #R5C0. Not sure if it went to the Village of Alba. I selected my Village but after I submitted is said Barack (spelling). I can resubmit please let me know.

Feedback—it would be better in my opinion to send the small picture rather than the enlarged pixelated picture. It is easier (again my opinion) to enlarge than shrink. That is my only suggestion.

This was a blast to do! If you need anything else please let me know.

Marty L

I noticed that there is a difference in color with what I see on my computer screen and what I printed so I wanted you all to know!


Sir Jon: I have just completed my puzzle piece and taken the best photo I know how to take. I’m unsure what the next move is. Of course the pixels are 3209 x 2574. If you have given instructions as to what size pixel/inch, I missed that.

Patricia Simmons

Hi Jon, question I see my name Patricia S but there could be someone else with the same name-I did not get a puzzle piece so I guess it’s a different Patricia S?

I received my puzzle piece Alba R7C6.jpg


Received my puzzle piece. It was a bit blurry but I think I can handle it. I plan to do it this weekend and will let tech bear know if I need assistance. So happy to be a part of this thank you all for opportunity. I am looking forward to it.

Sandra Marshall

How do you want us to submit our painting. I’ve completed mine. It was tricky as the photo you sent did not print to the dimensions entered in the email. I was able to save a smaller file but when I enlarged it the end result was very pixelated.


I got my puzzle piece R5C1. Please explain what “bleeding the edges” mean. Does that just mean kind of fading them out?